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Human Resources Management

ANTARES FOUNDATION (2005). Managing Stress in Humanitarian Workers: Guidelines for Good Practice

PEOPLE IN AID (2003). Code of Good Practice in the Management and Support of Aid Personnel


WEINE S. et al. (2002). Guidelines for International Training in Mental Health and Psychosocial Interventions for Trauma Exposed Populations in Clinical and Community Settings

RAND HEALTH (2005), Guidelines on Mental Health Training of Primary Healthcare Providers for Trauma-Exposed Populations in Conflict-Affected Countries

Project Cycle Management

UE – DEV (2004). Project Cycle Management Guidelines

UN (2012), Consolidated Appeal

CPH (2008) Well-being and resilience after the tsunami – Evaluation of Terre des Hommes Psychosocial Programme in Sri Lanka 2005 – 2007

Mental Health

IASC (2007). Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings

WHO (2005). Mental and social health during and after acute emergencies: emerging consensus?

PWG (2003). Psychosocial Intervention in Complex Emergencies: A Conceptual Framework;

WHO – UNHCR (2012), Assessing mental health and psychosocial needs and resources – Toolkit for humanitarian settings

MAE (2010), Linee guida per l’introduzione della tematica della disabilità nell’ambito delle politiche e delle attività della Cooperazione Italiana

Child protection

UNICEF (2005). Handbook of Psychosocial Assessment for Children and Communities in Emergencies

SAVE THE CHILDREN (2004). Inter-Agency Guiding Principles for Unaccompanied and Separated Children

ICVA (2005). Psychosocial care and protection of Tsunami affected children

MAE (2004)  Linee guida della Cooperazione Italiana sulla Tematica Minorile


UNHCR (2001). Learning for a Future: Refugee Education in Developing Countries

INEE (2004). INEE Minimum Standards for Education in Emergencies. Chronic Crises and Early Reconstruction;

Human Rights

MINORITY RIGHTS GROUP INTERNATIONAL(2004). Gender, Minorities and Indigenous Peoples

Gender-based Violence

IASC (2005). Guidelines on Gender-based Violence Interventions in Humanitarian Settings

UNHCR (2008). Handbook for the Protection of Women and Girls

WHO (2012), Mental health and psychosocial support for conflict-related sexual violence: principles and interventions


IASC (2010). Guidelines for addressing HIV in Emergency Settings

USAID (2007) HIV Counseling and Testing for Youth – A Manual for Providers